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Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” What connects us can’t always be seen, but we can uncover those invisible threads through meaningful conversations. In this bi-weekly podcast, our hosts and guests will set the record straight on common organ, eye, tissue, and blood myths and misconceptions and tackle hard to talk about topics that will lead to a better understanding of donation.

Birth tissue donation is also known as the gift of healing. Our hosts talk to Ashley Betz, Post Natal Recovery Technician, and Kathryn, a WNY mom that donated her birth tissue through ConnectLife’s Birth Tissue Donation program back in 2018 and will be donating again this year in 2021.

We honor a local organ donor, Robert Ryan, in our hero story.

April is National Donate Life Month. So, for episode 23, we are celebrating with a game show! Our two contestants go head-to-head in our second edition of Let’s Get Quizzical: Donation Game Show. Grab a friend and play along.

We honor a local eye and tissue donor, 11-year-old Kenzie, in our hero story.

On episode 22, we talk to two amazing friends and co-workers, Dotty and Danielle. They call themselves blood buddies! We hope their story inspires you to become a regular ConnectLife blood donor and find YOUR blood buddy.

Our hero this episode is blood donor, Paul Indelicato

On episode 21, we talk to four special guests about kidney health, donation, and transplantation. The Krist family shares their inspiring living kidney donation story and Jeremy Morlock talks us through National Kidney Month. This episode's hero is Cheryl Yurek, who was both a living donor and donated after her passing in 2020.


Kidney Foundation


Team Buffalo


Transplant Games of America

February is American Heart Month, and, on February 14, we celebrate National Donor Day. On episode 20, we continue our theme from episode 19 and share another organ donation love story.

Our hosts talk with Tim & Sherry Day. At the end of the episode, we honor Tim’s heart donor, William, in a special hero story.

On episode 19, our hosts talk to a Mark and Naomi Feltz, a married couple whose story spans 13 years and three transplants. It's a love story like no other.

Every episode we honor a hero. This episode, we honor all three of Naomi's donors. Do you have a hero and want us to share their story? Click here:

On episode 18, we talk about an essential department at ConnectLife: the DRC or Donor Referral Center. Our hosts talk to two members of the DRC staff about their roles and the work the DRC does to continue ConnectLife's mission to educate the community, inspire donation, and save lives.

Because January is National Blood Donor Month, we honor a local blood donor hero, Bill Przybysz.

January is National Blood Donor Month! 

On episode 17, our hosts talk to four guests about our month-long blood donor promotion with Perry's Ice Cream. When you give a pint of blood, you get a pint of ice cream! This episode's hero story is special. You will hear from a member of the Perry’s team, who is also a donor dad and an amazing advocate of the ConnectLife mission. 

Thank you for tuning in to our first episode of 2021. Don't forget to subscribe and follow Invisible Threads.

There is so much misinformation out there about organ donation. It is important that people say yes, but it’s more important that people know the facts. So that is exactly what we’re going to do on this episode. On episode 16, our hosts talk to Amanda Habermehl, Manager of Hospital Development at ConnectLife and walk through the deceased donation process.

Because this is our last episode of 2020, we honor all of the local donation heroes from this year.

On episode 15, we talk about our annual Holiday Heroes campaign. Although this year, it looks a little different. Our hosts talk to guests Geoffrey Falkner, Vice President-Strategy & Marketing at YMCA Buffalo Niagara, Catherine Shick, Communications Director for FeedMore WNY, and Amanda Farrell, Director of BDS Recruitment at ConnectLife.

We honor a local hero - a ConnectLife blood donor, Alex Jordan. Join our Holiday Heroes campaign and donate blood with ConnectLife this December!

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